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Mounts also have weight limitations and will move slower and lose endurance/stamina faster with items in their inventory. Horses have 5 equipment slots and 4 costume slots. The equipment slots are for bard, saddle, stirrups, feather and horseshoes. While costume slots are for bard, saddle, stirrups and feather.

Black Desert Online leveling tips to help you ... Black Desert Online Leveling Guide ... and finish the Military Power in Hidel quest for 2 inventory slots and the ... "Black Desert Online": Tips and Tricks for Beginners ... "Black Desert Online": Tips and Tricks for Beginners. ... read a Black Desert Online enhancement guide as enhancing ... an inventory expansion which is ... [Гайд] Расширение инвентаря! | Форум

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Black Desert Online - Traveler's Package στο Steam This package contains the base game Black Desert Online and the Traveler's Package DLC.

Is Black Desert Online P2W? (Pay to Win) This is a hotly debated topic, because everyone has their own definition of what Pay to Win means.You begin with 20 Inventory slots, but you can raise that by 31 with quests for a total of 51 slots. To increase your inventory beyond 51, you will have to...

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How to Increase Weight Limit and Inventory Space in BDO ... In Black Desert Online, each ... weight limit and inventory expansion. If you found this guide useful then be sure to share it ... 100 and inventory slots by 16 on ... Guide for Inventory/Warehouse Management? | Black Desert ...

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How to Increase Weight Limit and Inventory Space in BDO - Saarith ... Mar 24, 2017 ... A guide on how to increase character weight limit in BDO using ... In Black Desert Online, each character you own has a limit on how much he or .... weight by 100 and inventory slots by 16 on all characters and warehouses. [How-To] Increase your inventory slots / ALL Inventory Expansion ... Mar 30, 2016 ... Feel free to make a guide out of the content of his videos too, but make sure you give him credit. ... Black Desert Inventory Expansion Quests. Inventory +16 Expansion Coupon - Item - Black Desert Database 2.0 ... Description: Permanently expand your inventory by 16 slots. This item will be non -refundable after opening when you right-click. Are you sure you want to open it ... NieR Automata Pods Locations Guide – Increase Weapon Inventory ...