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Definition of 'poker face'. poker face. A poker face is an expression on your face that shows none of your feelings. In business a poker face can be very useful.

Glossary of Poker Terms. Let’s start off with a list of poker terms that you’ll need to be familiar with. After this all important glossary, we’ll return to the above “poker speak” example as it is the kind of conversation you will hear from other more experienced players. Face | Definition of Face at Dictionary.com Face, countenance, visage refer to the front of the (usually human) head. The face is the combination of the features: a face with broad cheekbones. Countenance, a more formal word, denotes the face as it is affected by or reveals the state of mind, and hence often signifies the look or expression on the face: a thoughtful countenance. Poker Face by Lady Gaga - Songfacts 2019-5-13 · This climbed into the Top 10 of the Hot 100, whilst Lady Gaga's debut single, "Just Dance," was positioned at #5.She thus became the first solo female lead artist to have her first two chart entries appear in the top 10 simultaneously, since Ciara achieved the same feat with "Goodies" and "1, 2 Step" in December 2004. 99 Poker face Synonyms and 10 Poker face Antonyms in …

2015-2-18 · Glossary of Poker Terms Aces Up/Over Two pair, one of which is a pair of Aces. Action Betting activity. Active Player A player who is still in the pot. All Blue, Green, Purple, etc. Colorful names for a flush. All-in To bet all the money you have on the table. American Airlines A pair of Aces. Ante

Poker-faced | Define Poker-faced at Dictionary.com Poker-faced definition, an expressionless face: He can tell a funny story with a poker face. See more. The most important poker words used while playing Poker. Learn the poker lingo and become an online poker master. Here is every important word related to the game of poker you will need to play poker online

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Understanding Poker Tells | Pokerology.com Poker tells come in two forms - betting patterns and physical poker tells. The reliability of each varies, and guessing the reliability of each poker tell is an art form. Many tells mean strong with one player and weak with another, it is up to you to tell the difference by being observant. ... Red in the face or throbbing vain in neck or ... Urban Dictionary: resting bitch face 2019-5-12 · A bitchy alternative to the usual blank look most people have. This is a condition affecting the facial muscles, suffered by millions of women worldwide. People suffering from bitchy resting face have the tendency look hostile and/or judgemental at rest.

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When you play poker, you need to keep a neutral expression so the other players don't know if your hand is good or bad. Now, it's called a " poker face" even if you're not playing poker. Lady Gaga wrote a song about keeping a " poker face" so her lover wouldn't know she was thinking about someone else. Words That Rhyme With POKER FACE What rhymes with POKER FACE? Lookup it up at Rhymes.net - the most comprehensive rhyming words dictionary on the web!Find a translation for POKER FACE in other languages What Does Poker Face Mean? - Writing Explained


Apr 23, 2019 ... Poker face definition is - an inscrutable face that reveals no hint of a ... Other Words from poker face More Example Sentences Learn More ...